The Quarks

Quarks waltz gig

The Quarks, live, in Portland OR

The Quarks were an exciting Northwest band featuring Betsy Branch on fiddle and guitar, Bill Tomczak on clarinet, saxophone and percussion, and Terry Wergeland on piano and accordion.  They played their last gig together the weekend of February 17-19, 2017 for the Corvallis, OR dance weekend.

With their mix of instruments and improvisatory natures, plus their deft interweaving of dance-music genres, you never knew what to expect from this trio, other than stimulating and inventive dance music.  Their delight in playing together translates to the dance floor, and you are likely to hear plenty of laughter from the stage.  When not playing, they love to pontificate about the mysteries of the universe (like how 3 quarks form a particle), thus inspiring the band name.

Summer 2010 008  IMG_0482  Terry accordion shot

 Bill Tomczak               Betsy Branch           Terry Wergeland